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Preparation time 40 minutes + cooking time

Ingredients for 6 pieces:
350 g cream
250 g milk
90 g sugar
13 g isinglass
1 sachet of vanilla powder
70 g dark chocolate

40 g sugar
½ spoonful of water
almond oil as required for the mould

chocolate topping

Bring the milk to the boil in a saucepan with the cream and sugar.

Remove from the heat and flavour with the vanilla powder. Add the isinglass which should already have been softened in cold water and squeezed thoroughly dry and mix well so that it dissolves completely.

Divide the mixture into three equal parts, then add the caramelized sugar together with the water to one and the chopped dark chocolate to the other one and leave the last portion untouched.

Let the three mixtures cool down.

Lightly brush the insides of the mould with the almond oil, then put it on a plate and pour in the caramel panna cotta.

Put in the freezer for 10/12 minutes. T

ake out the mould and pour the untouched panna cotta into the moulds.

Put it in the freezer again for 10/12 minutes, then finish by pouring in the chocolate panna cotta.

Put n the fridge for around 6 hours. Turn out the panna cottas carefully onto the plate.

Decoration: decorate the parts of the vehicles with the chocolate topping in a cone as shown in the photo. Before serving let the dessers stand at room temperature for 15/20 minutes.