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The best way to store your winter clothes

The best way to store your winter clothes
Time to leave those knitted, warming clothes behind and move on to spring and lighter clothing. But don't leave the winter woolies fester at the back of your wardrobe or in chests of drawers - pack them away and they'll look as good as new next year.
Here's what you need to do to store them properly for the next few months...
1. Make sure they're clean
Before you store away winter clothes make sure to launder or dry clean them. Ensure everything is completely dry before packing it away.
GHI Tip: If you don't put things away absolutely clean, you will only be encouraging moths to feast on your fabrics!
2. Put down the iron
As tempting as it might be, don't iron clothes that are to be stored and keep them away from starch. Both can weaken the fibres and make them prone to tearing along the creases. 
3. Get the right boxes
You should store clothes in plastic rather than wood, paper or cardboard boxes. It's waterproof and protects well from pests. Cardboard and wood contain chemicals that can transfer on to clothes and damage them. The boxes may also become a home for pests attracted to proteins in the glue that holds them together. If you use plastic boxes make sure they're not completely airtight, as some clothes (such as wool and other natural fibres) need to breathe.
4. Keep cool
Place the boxes or containers in a cool place that's off the floor and away from damp, sunlight and any type of heat.
5. Keep away from wood 
Don't store clothes in direct contact with wood, as all wood contains acids that can damage textiles over a long period of time.
6. Watch out for special items
Special items should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper to help prevent creasing and provide more protection. 
7. Thinking long term
For long term clothing storage, like wedding dresses, the best option is a special acid-free storage box. If you're storing clothes for longer than one season, take them out once or twice a year and refold them along different lines to prevent stress or tears on the creases. This is also a good way to inspect for damage. 
8. Consider vacuum packing
Vacuum-packed bags can save on space and protect items from dirt, damp, mould and bugs. 
They're also good for packing away bulky items like duvets and other bedding. Vacuum packing isn't right for all textiles, though, as natural fibres like wool need to breathe.