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Tripadvisor tips for clean rooms

Tripadvisor tips for clean rooms

A hotel room is a 'home' away from home and you are not the only one who has spent his vacation on it. However, the hotel staff do not have the same standard of cleaning as you would in your home, so you may encounter some  accommodation problems with cleanliness and, as research has shown, germs that can lurk everywhere .

So what are the steps, then, to have a clean room and a carefree stay? The Smartertravel website, a subsidiary of Tripadvisor, gives you the right advice.

Do not use Black-light

"No stain hidden under Black-light", as it reveals a multitude of stains that the naked eye cannot see. But these stains are very difficult to deal with and their knowledge would only make you feel more insecure about your stay. Black-light is therefore good for television, but not so practical in everyday life.

Read reviews

There are no international standards for cleaning a room. Price, location, and even the brand do not guarantee a clean room. So best practices are reviews from other visitors, which you can see in the special cleanliness segments available from booking and review sites like TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Hotels.com and Expedia.

Wash your hands

Frequent hand washing, is a proven way to deal with the transmission of colds and viruses as it prevents bacteria from being transferred from touch (for example, TV remote control, room knob or elevator buttons) to your mouth, eyes or nose.

Throw away the sheets of the hotel

Frequency of sheets cleaning varies between hotels, so you may occasionally sleep with a "used" linen. To address this, you may ask the hotel how often sheets are washed or, even better and safer, use your own sheets and covers.

Bring antiseptic wipes with you

If you are curious about the cleanliness of your accommodation or just want to be very careful, then the solution is to disinfect the surfaces that come in contact with visitors more often with antibacterial wipes. The "strategic" points that are the "recruitment" centers of the bacteria are the telephone, the knobs, the toilet lid, the ice bucket, the TV remote control, and the bathroom batteries. Another successful, and highly technologically advanced, solution is UV Wands, which 'scan' surfaces and kill bacteria.

Avoid glasses in the room

There is no guarantee that the glasses in the room have been properly cleaned, for example they may have simply been rinsed with water or cleaned with the same sponge used to clean other parts of the room. The quick solution is to allow hot water to run on the glass for 2 minutes before using it, as most bacteria will be killed.