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How to clean your carpets at home!

How to clean your carpets at home!
If you have space in your home to store your rugs, you can clean them yourself instead of cleaning and storing them through a professional. Below you can see the cleaning process that will allow you to save money as well.
If your carpet is not very dirty, use the vacuum cleaner on both sides first. Then fill a basin with lukewarm water and gasoline in the same proportion and with the help of a sponge clean the carpet in the pile direction.
Then wipe with a dry cloth. Repeat until the cloth is completely clean. For carpet rugs use a carpet brush and a solution of lukewarm water and oxygen.
Once the process is complete, lay the carpet on the porch to dry.
After making sure it is completely dry, carefully roll it up in the direction of its pile.
Don't forget to put a moth repellent, that you will wrap around a piece of paper, to protect the carpet while it is stored. Finally, wrap the carpet with an old sheet, not plastic because it will not allow the rug to "breathe", and place it in a cool place horizontally on the floor so that it does not bent.
If your carpet is quite dirty, follow the same procedure, just use pure oil instead of gasoline.