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Marriott: New cleaning standards in the coronavirus era | Hospital cleaning products, distances, food safety

Marriott: New cleaning standards in the coronavirus era | Hospital cleaning products, distances, food safety
Marriott International is launching the Global Cleanliness Council to implement the appropriate cleaning conditions during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
With the help of technology, the group will launch a platform for the safety of its visitors and partners.
Marriott International President and CEO Arne Sorenson says:
"We are grateful for the trust that our customers have shown us and we want to inform them of our future plans regarding cleanliness, hygiene and distance measures, because their safety and health is a priority during their stay in the group's hotels. It is equally important that our partners are informed of the changes we are planning too. "
The Marriott Global Cleanliness Council is developing standards of cleanliness, rules and conduct, in order to minimize the risk of virus transmission and increase the safety of visitors and associates of the Group's hotels.
The president of the Marriott Global Cleanliness Council will be Ray Bennet, who is in charge of Marriott International's global operations. Experts in the areas of cleaning services, food safety, occupational health and well-being, as well as engineers will also be involved.
The Marriott Global Cleanliness Council will include the following members:
Dr. Ruth L. Petran, Ecolab Food and Public Health Partnership Scientific Co., is a leader in water, sanitation and disease prevention services.
Dr. Michael A. Sauri, a specialist in communicable diseases at Healthcare
Dr. Richard Ghiselli, Head of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Purdue
Dr. Randy Worobo, Professor of the Department of Food Microbiology at Cornell University
The Marriott Group will use advanced technologies in the coming months, including electrostatic sprayers, which will use special disinfectants on all hotel surfaces. These machines have the property of rapid disinfection in areas such as rooms, reception areas, gyms and other common areas.
In addition, the use of ultraviolet lighting technology will achieve the disinfection of the keys of visitors and devices used by partners.
Changes in cleanliness
Surfaces: Public areas and guest rooms will be cleaned with hospital disinfectants at regular intervals. Disinfectant wipes will also be provided in each room.
Visitors: There will be a sign to remind visitors of the need to keep their distance and the space will be rearranged so that there is more distance between visitors.
Also, dividers will be placed in the reception areas, while medical masks will be provided to the associates of the Group. Disinfection stations will be set up at the entrances of the hotels, next to the reception offices and at the sports facilities.
Guests will use their phones for check-in, room access, special orders and room service, which will now be packages outside the room door.
Food Safety: The Food Safety Program includes frequent and detailed disinfection instructions and special videos for all partners, which present hygiene and cleanliness practices. All food managers and supervisors are trained in safe meal preparation. Checks are constantly carried out to comply with the above instructions by independent auditors. In addition, the Group will implement new practices, such as dinners in rooms.