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DON'T air dry your hands - This is what happens with microbes

DON'T air dry your hands - This is what happens with microbes

Drying your hands with air is still relevant, as research has shown that these machines are responsible for a much higher spread of germs than napkins.

The air-drying method is promoted as a revolutionary way to use in public toilets because, according to other studies, it filters 99.9% of bacteria from the blowing air.

However, Westminster researchers have found that air dryers spread about 1,300 times more viruses, bacteria and germs than plain paper. In fact, this can happen even at a great distance from the location of the machine in public toilets, as the germs are "launched" at a distance of about three meters, while from the napkins do not go further than 25 cm.

Westminster's study is similar to that of the University of Leeds in 2014, where it was shown that the hot air drying method spreads up to 27 times more bacteria than paper.