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Corona virus: Hygiene rules for going out, going to work and returning at home

Corona virus: Hygiene rules for going out, going to work and returning at home
Hygiene rules when we go out, when we go to work and when we return at home
The government has issued instructions due to the quarantine ending. 
  • often and thorough hand washing
  • no touching of the mouth, nose, eyes.
  • coughing and sneezing on our elbow or a tissue.
  • keeping a distance of 1.5 - 2 meters from everyone.
  • avoiding crowded places.
  • avoiding handshakes.
  • regular spaces ventilation
  • stay at home if we feel unwell
APE-MPE addressed the Professor of Epidemiology at the Medical School of EKPA and President of the Prolepsis Institute of Preventive, Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Athena Linou, regarding the new rules that will accompany our daily life from now on. According to Ms. Linou, we should all be taking prevention measures, however not alienate ourselves from others as the virus cannot be transmitted by smiling or greeting from afar.
She adds that our lives will be difficult and we must find a new way not to lose human contact, but without touching others and without coming too close.
Below you will find the instructions for setting up a daily routine step by step
  • we are getting ready to leave the house
  • we take with us a mask, gloves, antiseptic.
  • we prefer to wear cotton clothes that can be washed at high temperatures.
  • If we choose to travel via public transportaion, we wear a mask and gloves.
  • If our work is relatively close, it would be good to go on foot. Also, in consultation with the employer, we choose hours that are not peaked so that not many people go to MMM.
At the workplace
  • Upon arrival, we wash our hands with soap and water.
  • We disinfect the desk, our PC, the phone and in general things that we are going to touch.
  • If we work alone we do not need to wear a mask. In case there are other employees in the same office, it is suggested to wear it and in fact to have a "spare" one with us in case the first one gets wet.
Returning home
  • We take off the clothes to a specific room and place and either put them for washing in a cycle over 60 degrees or leave them for two or three days outside where they can be naturally ventilated. The point here is that if the clothes carry the virus, it will die via air and sun heat.
  • Be careful not to wear the same clothes the next day.
  • We leave our bag in a specific place for two days or we wipe it with antiseptic alcohol or soap and water.
  • We leave our shoes outside the house, but if they "enter" the house we disinfect them and then we clean our hands.