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The benefits of offering wooden stirrers

The benefits of offering wooden stirrers

Providing your customers with takeaway coffee cup accessories is one way to lift your customer service and a great chance to stand out among your competitors.Takeaway coffee cup accessories will let the customer know you appreciate their loyalty and reward their preference.

A type of accessories that can help your takeaway business differentiate and stand out, are the wooden stirrers.  Let’s find out how they can prove valuable:

  • For sure the shared metal teaspoon is old fashioned. Customers expect to find modern alternatives in their everyday life
  • Customers have also developed some standards of expectations regarding hygiene and personal consideration and these are traits that a wooden stirrer will provide.
  • The environmental impact: The lightweight wooden stirrer is recyclable and biodegradable and a must for all caffes. When a customer needs something to stir their drink with, they can be put off by having to use either a plastic spoon that will end up in a landfill or a metal one used by someone else.       
  • Accessories can be produced with the logo of the business and work as advertisement on their own.
  • It is actually a small but worthy addition than can make the difference in the mindset of an everyday guest.