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Can I put the PAVONIDEA moulds in the Microwave?
Yes, The PAVONIDEA moulds can be used in all the kind of micro-ovens, but please do not use their CRISP function.
The best result will be obtained by a combined micro-wave oven, as with the grill cakes will reach the golden brown colour. We suggest to let the cake after baking for some minutes in the closed microwave-oven.

Is the silicone suitable to get in touch with food?
Pavoni Italia uses only platinic catalysis silicone which totally complies with and is suitable for contact with foodstuffs.
Platinic silicone is non-toxic, odourless and without taste. The quality of this type of silicone, obtained with a platinic catalyst, is better and safer compared to that of silicone carried out with a peroxide catalyst.
The market use of these two types of silicone confirms their difference in quality.
Platinic silicone is widely used in the more sensitive sectors, such as the medical sectors, whereas peroxide silicone is used also in other fields, for example in industrial sectors.
Furthermore, our silicone, which is exclusively of the platinic type, is constantly subjected to tests which check out its technical and qualitative characteristics.

Shall I have to grease or flour the PAVONIDEA moulds?
According to the non-stick feature of the PAVONIDEA moulds, you need to grease them just the first time.
In case you have to prepare doughs poor of fat (butter or oil), we recommend you to grease the mould every time.

What's the silicone?
The silicone is non- metallic element which can be found as silicate in almost all the minerals: sand and even water.

Shall I wash the PAVONIDEA mould in the dish-washer?
The PAVONIDEA moulds can be cleaned both in the dish-washer and manually. We recoomend you not to use abrasive products

Does the silicone melt in the oven?
No, it does not. The silicone has a great thermic resistence and allows to use the moulds with temperatures wich goes from - 40 °C up to 280 °C.
For baking a cake at home, usually you do not exceed 220°C

What shall I do at the first using of PAVONIDEA moulds?
These are some suggestions to follow to have the maximum from our Pavonidea moulds:
1- Wash the mould in the dish washer at the first using;
2- Grease the mould just the first time.
3- Place the mould, before filling it, on a grill of the oven and put it directly into the oven.
4 -Open the oven. Take the mould with your two hands keeping it tightened. Let it cool on a grill, and if the cake is suitable for, turn it upside down.

Should I have to let the cake become cold before demoulding?
We recommed you to let the cakes become could mainly the sophisticated ones before demoulding them.

Do I ruine the PAVONIDEA bending them or rolling them up?
Our PAVONIDEA moulds can be stored bended or rolled up. When you need them they recover their shape.

Which certifications gives you the guarantee that the PAVONIDEA material is not unealthy?
The certification which the entire Pavoni production has obtained, issued by certified analysis laboratories in Germany and France, is related to the following legal standards concerning products which have to be in conformity with contact with foodstuffs.
D.M. n°104 del 21.3.1973 + DPR 777/82 and further adjournments and modifcations (Italian legislation)
Arrête du 25.11.1992 (French legislation)
Norme XP ENV 1186, parties 1, 2 et 3
BGVV (German legislation)
FDA (U.S. legislation)
CE n° 85/572 du 19/12/1985 (European legislation)
CE n° 2002/72 du 6/8/2002 (European legislation)
CE n° 97/48 du 29/7/97 (European legislation)
Reg. 1935/2004 CE (Community legislation)
Reg. 2023/2006 CE (Community legislation)
Also the Italian organisation ARPAV has tested Pavoni Italia's silicone products which have resulted suitable and in conformity with the standards in force.

Does the product spill out when I move the moulds in the oven or in the fridge?
No it does not. It is true that the product is flexible, but this is just one of its advantages. Usually there aren't problems in moving the moulds. Hereunder you can find some suggestions for the best way to move the mould:
1) In case of liquid or not thick doughs:
Place the mould, before filling it, on a grill of the oven and put it directly into the oven.
2) In case of very thick doughs:
Put the mould from the table on your hand and move it into the oven.
3) In case of experts and thick doughs:
Take the mould with your two hands keeping the mould tightened.
Once learned, you will appreciate the flexibility of PAVONIDEA moulds

Can I put the Pavonidea moulds in the oven?
Yes, The Pavonidea moulds can be used in the gas, electric or micro wave ovens.

Where can I find the receipes for the micro-oven with your PAVONIDEA moulds?
Any receipe book for micro-oven will be suitable for our moulds. Concerning the baking time, it depends on the different micro-oven brand you have.
So please check the time for the first bakings as even a second is important in micro-oven!!!

How often can PAVONIDEA moulds be used?
2000 uses are granted.