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Multipurpose place mats

Multipurpose place mats

Place mats multipurpose cloth - 12 pcs set

Το προϊόν είναι άμεσα διαθέσιμο

DAY DRAP placemats combine all the unique features that people with an eye for detail
look for.
Innovation has enabled the company to create a unique resin textile by combining recycled cotton into a seamless finished product with waterproof and non-slip layers that make it easy to clean and adhere to the surface it is placed on.
Additionally, the elegant and original designs of the different collections convey a unique personality in the places in which they are used. 

The stain-resistant layer that covers the placemat can be used several times without going through the laundry.

The central layer of the placemat is made from recycled cotton, an ideal material for reducing environmental impact.

The non-slip coating on the back adheres the placemat to the table, making it easier for professionals to work, and also, because it does not fly loose, it is ideal for dressing tables on terraces.

Usage tips

1. For the best cleaning, it is recommended to apply a disinfectant product and then wipe with a damp cloth.

2. Ironing the stain resistant placemats periodically allows them to recover their properties and extends their useful life.

3. Do not iron the non-slip side.

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Dimensions Color Code Barcode Quantity Add To Cart
30x40cm - Set 12pcs
02994.30.40SK 35.96
30x40cm- Set 12pcs
02994.30.40AK 35.96
30x40cm- Set 12pcs
02994.30.40ΓΚ 35.96
30x40cm- Set 12pcs
02994.30.40Μ 38.44