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Household Cleaning

Πως να οργανώσεις σωστά το ψυγείο σου
How to properly organize your fridge!

Organisation Hacks For Better Food Storage In Your Refrigerator

<img src=sfouggarisma-patwmatos-20210930-121826.jpg alt=the-right-mop-for-your-floor-type>
Choose the right mop depending on your floor type!

Choose the appropriate mop depending on the type of floor you have in your home.

<img src=How-to-clean-a-mousepad alt=Proper mousepad cleaning>
How to properly clean your mousepad.

Tips for proper cleaning of your mousepad.

Πώς να φροντίσετε σωστά τα ξύλινα σκεύη της κουζίνας σας;
How to properly care for your wooden kitchen utensils?

Tips on how to protect with proper cleaning of wooden spoons and bases.

Γιατί πρέπει να φοράτε πάντοτε γάντια όταν καθαρίζετε
3 reasons you should always wear gloves while cleaning

You should always have a pair of dish gloves at home. These durable, waterproof helpers are crucial on your defense against dry, cracked skin, nasty illnesses, and even chemical burns

Κορωνοϊός: Επιστροφή σπίτι από έξω – Οι 5 «κανόνες» για ρούχα, παπούτσια
Corona virus: Hygiene rules for going out, going to work and returning at home

Hygiene rules when we go out, when we go to work and when we return at home

Πώς να καθαρίσετε μόνοι σας τα χαλιά σας!
How to clean your carpets at home!

If you have space in your home to store your rugs, you can clean them yourself instead of cleaning and storing them through a professional. Below you can see the cleaning process that will allow you to save money as well.

Πώς να απολυμάνουμε την κουζίνα του σπιτιού και τις τροφές μας
How to disinfect our kitchen and groceries

There are basic hygiene rules that we should follow in every season and not just when a flu or virus is on the rise.