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Filled heart cake

Συνταγή για γεμιστό κέηκ καρδιά

Ingredients for 6/8 people:
180 g of butter
60 g of warm milk
180 g of sugar
230 g of flour
30 g of starch
30 g of cocoa powder
4 eggs
3 teaspoons of raising agent
3 pinches of salt
1 orange
200 g of fresh cream
30 g of icing sugar
15 g of cocoa powder
1 drop of vanilla essence
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of icing sugar
Beat the eggs with the sugar in a bowl until the mixture swells and becomes consistent. Without stopping to mix, add the very soft butter in spoonfuls, and then the milk. Sift in the flour and the raising agent, the salt, and the cocoa powder. Mix well, then flavor with the grated peel of the orange. Pour the mixture into mold FRT101 Cuore Pavoni, level the surface area, and place in the oven pre-heated to 175°C for 38/40 minutes. When the cake is done, remove it from the oven and wait 5/10 minutes before turning it out onto a cooling tray to cool.

Filling: whip the cream with the icing sugar, gradually adding the cocoa powder and the vanilla essence.

Assembly: level the surface of the cake, eliminating the top with a knife. Divide horizontally in two parts, then fill with the chocolate whipped cream and put back together.
dust cake with cocoa powder. Using a piece of card, cut out a stencil with small hearts, place on top of the cake and dust with icing sugar. Remove the stencil carefully.