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White Christmas trees

Λευκά δεντράκια κρέμα

500 g of whole milk
100g of pistachios
170g of sugar
250g of fresh cream
5 sheets of gelatine
topping with strawberries
Blanch the pistachios, peel and let them dry on the fire
in a frying pan.

Chop with 1 spoonful of sugar taken
from the total, boil the milk, add the pistachios and leave
stand 1 hour.
Put glue to hydrate gelatine in water, filter the milk
and put the chopped pistachios
in a cloth.

Mash well well to squeeze the juices;
Heat the milk and add fish glue squeezed.
Dissolve and mix well, take off fire  and allow to cool
stirring occasionally.
Whip the cream and blend it with the
cooled milk, pour in silicon moulds and place in refrigerator.
Just before serving, garnish
with strawberry topping to
the woods.