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10 Clever Toothpick Hacks to Use

10 έξυπνοι τρόποι να χρησιμοποιήσετε οδοντογλυφίδες

I try to keep a container of toothpicks of them in my kitchen for when I am baking. If you didn’t know you can use toothpicks to test if cakes and other baked goods are cooked all the way through. But I found out there are some other clever ways to use toothpicks!

Check out these 10 clever toothpick hacks to use.

#1: Clean Your Phone

Whether you have a case around your phone or not, there are parts of your phone that collect dust. The charging port is one particular spot.  Use a toothpick to clean the dust out of the places that are hard to reach, such as the cracks or crevices of your smartphone. Try other electronic devices too.

#2: Lighting Candles

Matches normally burn really hot and fast, which can make it painful for you if you get burned. Try using a toothpick instead of a match. Toothpicks burn much slower and less hot. It’s safer too!

#3: Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

Cute the middle of the fruit or vegetable. Do not throw away the end. Once you are done using the part of the fruit or vegetable then stick a toothpick between the end and the remaining piece of the food.

#4: Stirring Paint

If you have a small paint bottle for touch-ups, you can stir them easily with a toothpick.

#5: Custom Cake Toppers

Make a cute confetti cake topper by using toothpicks. It’s perfect for your next birthday or anniversary celebration! 

#6: Reducing Boiling Over

To reduce the chance of the top of a cooking pot from boiling over, stick a toothpick between the top of the cooking pot and lid. Steam will easily escape from the cooking pot while the food cooks.

#7: Finger Food

Use toothpicks to serve finger foods. It helps to keep away the mess and drips. 

#8: Vinaigrettes

Adding too much dressing to your salad can be a hassle with the wide-mouthed bottles. So next time you open a new bottle, instead of removing the seal, use a toothpick to poke several small holes. The tiny holes will allow you to reduce the amount of dressing being poured.

#9: Bake a Potato

You can make the perfect baked potato in the microwave by using toothpicks as stilts. Stick four toothpicks on the potato to create a stand. Doing this will help thoroughly cook your potato in the microwave.

#10: Find the End of the Tape

Mark the end of the tape roll by sticking a toothpick on it


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