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Five Hospital Cleaning Tips Everyone Needs to Know

5 Σημαντικές Συμβουλές Καθαρισμού για Νοσοκομεία
Every hospital has an odd dichotomy. On the one hand, hospitals in general save more lives than any other institution in the world, but on the other hand they house a ridiculously large amount of germs, viruses, and bacteria that cause sickness and disease. The only way to combat the spread of these harmful pathogens is to ensure the hospital cleaning team is practicing safe and preventative measures each and every time they sanitize, disinfect and sterilise rooms, equipment and waiting areas.
Before diving into these cleaning tips, it is important to note the difference between disinfection and sterilisation. Disinfection is a process that is used to reduce the number of microorganisms. Sterilisation is used to completely destroy all microorganisms on a surface. To ensure that nothing is missed and all hotel cleaning measures are taken with the utmost seriousness, you may read the below list of five essential cleaning tips that everyone in the hospital cleaning industry should follow. These aren’t just best practices; these are potentially life-saving practices.
Follow all cleanser instructions to the letter
To get the full germ and bacteria-killing effect of each and every cleanser, the instructions of each cleaning agent must be followed. If cleaning technicians skip any steps or don’t wait long enough for the cleanser to complete its cleaning before wiping away, then you can’t expect all the germs and bacteria to be vanquished.
Never reuse dirty linens or cloths
This should be a no-brainer but it is absolutely essential when completing hospital cleaning. Cleaning crews should be using new microfiber cloths in each and every room they clean, this will ensure that they don’t carry bacteria or germs from one place to another. When cleaning a patient’s room, if there is ever an instance of blankets or pillows falling onto the floor, replace them immediately.
Avoid clutter
Don’t let hospital visitors bring too much excess “stuff” into the patient rooms. While it can be hard to keep out some items, such as flowers, try to remind them that they could possibly be dragging in more germs and bacteria with them that may be detrimental to their patient’s cause.
Use that elbow grease
When wiping a cleaning agent off of a surface, create friction to ensure that you are getting every little last bit of germs and bacteria off the surface.
Don’t forget the nooks and crannies
It can be easy to get complacent and simply clean large surface areas, but in hospitals, lives are at stake with each and every cleaning job. Make sure that your hospital cleaning team is getting to even the hard to reach areas.

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