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The Varied Uses of Bamboo Skewers

Οι πολλαπλές χρήσεις των bamboo picks

Bamboo picks and skewers are used in catering and cooking and are ingredients that should be found in any cook's kitchen, whether professional or not. Choosing environmentally friendly products such as bamboo is a great way to help the planet while enjoying some amazing meals using these decorative items. You can use the long bamboo straws and the smaller ones in different ways.

Why Use Bamboo picks?
In addition to being ideal for a wide variety of uses, bamboo is environmentally friendly as it is a renewable material.

How to use bamboo skewers
Bamboo picks can be used for catering but also for home use. They are ideal for small appetizers, kebabs, appetizers, and even cocktails. They let you hold the garnish in place, and also club sandwiches so that they look great and delicious. You can also make kebabs of meat, or fruit, and use them for chocolate or cheese fondue.

You can store them in the freezer or refrigerator as they are kept unchanged. Use bamboo at a party to serve your guests and save yourself the washing of utensils that would otherwise take place.

The added benefits of using bamboo are that it can be discarded and have a much lower environmental impact than wood.

What are the most important features of bamboo?
Most people know how to use bamboo picks. There is a pointed point on one side for easy placement of food. The other side has a decorative edge, depending on the type of pick. They are durable and can be used safely for a long time. You can place them in the trash bin or directly in the trash, knowing that they will eventually be renewed naturally.

If the bamboo straws are soaked with water, they can be used directly over the barbecue fire without burning. Also, they are not heated like the metal ones, so they will stay cool to the touch. The smaller bamboo can be used for shrimp and fruit decoration and for easy dipping into sauces. Bamboo knot skewers are very versatile and once you start using them, you are likely to find even more uses for them.

Bamboos are also great for checking out your baked goods while still in the oven. The longer length allows you to pierce the food to check that it has been done without burning.

So many uses for this versatile, catering alternative but even just for a simpler dinner!


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