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Disposable nitrile gloves - Reasons to use them

Γιατί να χρησιμοποιήσετε γάντια νιτριλίου μιας χρήσης

Nitrile rubber gloves are commonly used as an alternative for regular powder-free gloves. They are also preferred over latex gloves as many people developed latex allergies. They are disposable gloves that you can wear to perform a large variety of tasks. They are environment-friendly and do not affect health. Nitrile is a synthetic polymer that is commonly used to manufacture disposable gloves. It is recommended for tough jobs where you have to come in contact with harmful elements.

Disposable Nitrile gloves help you in the following ways:

·        Reduced Allergy Risk:

A nitrile rubber glove is a suitable alternative for latex powdered gloves to avoid allergic reactions. Powder in any type of glove triggers allergies in many people as soon as it comes in contact with human skin. Moreover, it can be inhaled that results in harm to health. Nitrile gloves are devoid of such issues and provide a high level of protection without the use of harmful powder.

·        Flexibility:

Nitrile gloves are capable of stretching to a large enough extent that makes them suitable for daily use. It easily fits the hand as soon as you wear it and ensures that it does not stop you from performing any task. Moreover, body heat activates the monomers in gloves that make them fully water-proof. Therefore, you need not add additional powder.

·        Enhanced Protection:

You can wear Nitrile gloves in order to stay safe from potential threats of chemicals and other harmful elements. These gloves are capable to resist harmful effects much better than vinyl, latex, and other materials. These are suitable for people involved in the industries of chemicals, automotive, plumbing, manufacturing, and heavy-duty shops.

·        Comfort:

Nitrile gloves are extremely comfortable to wear. They fit to human hand just like a second skin, but this does not stop the person from carrying out any job. The gloves used in heavy industries are almost 50% thicker than standard gloves, but the extended thickness does not affect the comfort level. You can wear it with ease to keep your hands safe. Moreover, it does not cause discomfort when your hands come in contact with chemicals.

·        Puncture Resistant:

Nitrile gloves are quite tough and do not get easily damaged. They resist electric charges in an efficient manner as compared to other similar materials. However, they can get damaged due to multiple scratches. However, the positive factor is that even a minor puncture in a glove can tear the whole glove. As a result, you cannot use the glove anymore and can keep your hands safe from potential harm.

·        Lower Friction Resistance:

Disposable Nitrile gloves are extremely easy to wear and remove. They are suitable for industries where you have to repeatedly change gloves such as the food industry. Powder efficiently absorbs moisture from your hands and lowers friction. Furthermore, a polymer coating makes it even easier to wear and take them off. It is recommended to apply the chlorination process before using these gloves. The process makes them softer and enhances the comfort level.




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