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How to take care of outdoor furniture

Πώς να φροντίσετε τα έπιπλα εξωτερικού χώρου

Frequent cleaning is what helps you maintain the good condition of your furniture. Below you will find some tips for takin care of outdoor furniture depending on the material from which they are made.

In this way, they will not need to be cleaned more than 3-4 times a year, while at the same time you will keep them in a good condition.

If you have the opportunity to store furniture during the winter in a protected place, you will extend their life even more.


• Frequent cleaning to remove dust and easy stains with a sponge towel and a liquid soap solution in warm water.

• For more difficult stains, mix 1/4 cup ammonia and 2 tbsp. white vinegar in 1 liter of warm water.

• Before using any cleaner, whether commercial or natural, read the instructions of the manufacturer of your furniture, but also the finishing that have taken place on the wood as well as what you should avoid when cleaning.

• For wood that is not waterproof, once a year, in early spring, rub the furniture and apply a fresh coat of varnish.

• Do not forget the frequent cleaning under the furniture, especially on the sofas that collect water, garbage, rotten leaves.


• Rust is the most common problem here. Before doing anything, use a polishing cream to remove as much rust as possible. Otherwise, make a mixture of equal amounts of white vinegar and water and run well on their surfaces.

• Avoid chemical liquids, such as ammonia, tripartite phosphate - used in metal processing - and alkaline cleaners that aggravate rust.

• Wash furniture regularly to keep it shiny.

• Remove signs of damage with a soft cloth and a very soft scrub product - you will find it in a store with outdoor furniture.

• If the paint is damaged, remove it with turpentine and paint with an anti-rust varnish before painting it with rust-resistant paint.

• Forged irons, sandblasted or powder-coat are very durable. Clean them with water and cloth.

• To keep the cleaning longer, apply a protective wax cream.


• The dishwashing detergent and generally the detergents you use on the glass surfaces in the house are the most common detergents.

• Clean dust and stains that have stuck to the glass with a mild detergent, which will not leave scratches. In stores you will also find special brushes for glass.

• After cleaning, spray the glass surface with white vinegar for more shine and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

• Do not neglect the base of the table. Clean once a month to prevent damage.

• Repair small scratches with special products that you can get from car dealerships. Also, take care of the frames that hold the glass, depending on their material.



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