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The Best Dusters to Clean Every Corner of Your Home

Εργαλεία ξεσκονίσματος για κάθε γωνιά του σπιτιού

Win the war on dust with the right duster for your needs. Ahead, learn how the best duster tools can improve your cleaning routine and what to look for when choosing among the many options available today.

Household dust is an everyday task sometimes. Because it’s so fine, dust sifts through tiny cracks and openings, collecting on surfaces in a matter of hours, making its removal a constant challenge.  

However, there are some tools that can help with this task and in fact there are different types of dusters to help you deal with different areas and furniture.

Types of Dusters

  • Natural Fiber Dusters: Traditionally, natural feathers, lambs’ wool, and cotton were used to banish dust from furniture and belongings. However, wool and feathers, as animal products, can be more expensive and less sustainable than man-made dusters; they can also contain allergens, which defeats the purpose of dusting.
  • Microfiber Cloths: Microfiber cloths have a unique molecular structure; their tiny filaments have deep crevasses that pick up dust, dander, and moisture droplets with no sprays or polishes needed. Microfiber is also highly durable, even after multiple uses and washes, and effective for both wet and dry cleaning jobs.
  • Handled Dusters with replacable cloths: Dust often hides in hard-to-reach places like crown molding, rafters, and the tops of picture frames. A duster with a handle helps banish dust from these areas.
  • Viscose Dusters: This type offers high absorbency and can withhold a large amount of fluid. 


For a soft touch you can choose feathers or microfiber handled dusters. They will absorb the dust and leave surfaces clean for a few hours. 


For a deep clean it is better to select microfiber cloths with a bit of water. Microfibers are designed to absorb liquids and dust and offer a result that will last longer. Microfibers can be used on surfaces, for windows cleaning, but also electronics cleaning. 


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