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How can wooden cutlery benefit the enironment and humans

Πώς τα ξύλινα μαχαιροπήρουνα ωφελούν εμάς και το περιβάλλον

During recent years, climate and environmental changes have brought effects such as global warming, associated with threats for humans and the environment. The severe increase in temperature is leading to the melting of the ice and inevitably to an increase in the water level.


All these changes have been caused by humans due to the excessive volume of non-recyclable waste, which not only burdens the environment but also causes a significant rise in temperature.


The above consequences are catastrophic for humans as in the worst-case scenario, they could even lead to their extinction. One way to change this course is to bring small but substantial changes in our everyday life, like for example, reducing the use of plastic. We can use wooden toothbrushes, paper or glass plates, wooden cutlery, and many other biodegradable products.


Why should we use wooden cutlery

There are several benefits associated with using wooden cutlery, that can result in a positive impact on the environment and on us.

  1. They are made of 100% biodegradable material, which is environmentally friendly. This means that shortly after we throw them in the trash, they become part of our ecosystem, unlike plastic that takes thousands of years to compost.
  2. Wooden cutlery is a modern and stylish choice. Especially nowadays, when people focus more on what looks beautiful on social media, wooden cutlery is simple, elegant, and has a unique style that makes it stand out.
  3. Bamboo cutlery, in particular, also has some benefits for oral health. It is said to be antibacterial, which means that it has the ability to kill bacteria and other organisms that cause infections. Just imagine, that if there are bacteria in your food, they can be neutralized by the properties of bamboo.


What to look out for

However, with the choice of wooden cutlery, there are some things you need to pay attention to:

  • It is always preferable to choose reliable manufacturers, well established in the field. This is important because sometimes the wood may have been recycled or may not have been tested and suitable for food contact.
  • Also, disposable wooden cutlery should not be reused because when the wood gets moistured, it can also allow germs to grow.

Wooden cutlery has many benefits for us humans, for the environment, and even for our dental health. If their use becomes a habit for all of us instead of plastic, there could be a great deal of positive environmental change brought in the world.


However, for this to take place, wooden cutlery must be available in stock and also affordable.

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