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Μπορούν οι μικροΐνες να εξαπλώσουν μικροοργανισμούς;;
Can microfiber spread dirt?

Can microfiber cloths cause microorganisms spread through cleaning?

Λέμε ΟΧΙ στα πλαστικά μιας χρήσης
Say NO to plastic!

Here 5 ideas for you to reduce plastic in your life!

Πως να καθαρίσετε σωστά την αυλή σας
How to properly clean your yard

We've got you covered with a complete guide to cleaning pot marks, tiles/marble, furniture and all outdoor areas.

Η κατάλληλη πανέτα για κάθε τύπο δαπέδου!
The ideal flat mop for every floor type!

Whether you have a wooden, marble, tile, stone or pvs flooring, we have a quide for you to help you choose the right flat mop for its one!

Τα πιο απαραίτητα εργαλεία για τον καθαρισμό των τζαμιών σου!
The most necessary tools for window cleaning

We have the most ideal tools for easy and fast cleaning of glass and windows.