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Πλεονεκτήματα που προσφέρουν τα γάντια μιας χρήσης στην εστίαση
The Benefits of Using Disposable Gloves in the Food Industry

Μaintaining a safe environment in the food industry is very critical. Noone wants their business to become associated with the spread of foodborne illnesses.

Ποιες είναι οι σωστές πρακτικές για τα γάντια μιας χρήσης
Which are the right Practices for Wearing Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are useful for lots of different industries, but there are steps to follow if you want to ensure that they will offer protection in the best possible way.

Γιατί πρέπει να φοράτε πάντοτε γάντια όταν καθαρίζετε
3 reasons you should always wear gloves while cleaning

You should always have a pair of dish gloves at home. These durable, waterproof helpers are crucial on your defense against dry, cracked skin, nasty illnesses, and even chemical burns

Σκουφάκια μιας χρήσης και πλεονεκτήματα που προσφέρουν
Disposable hair caps and benefits

The last thing a consumer wants to find in their food or pharmaceutical product is human hair and for this reason hygienic work environments are critical to businesses that make or package consumer food products, pharmaceuticals, assemble e...

Διαλέγοντας τα κατάλληλα γάντια για το αρτοποιείο, την κουζίνα κλπ.
Choosing the right glove for the bakery, deli, buffet and kitchen

Some of the most common problems with injury and sanitation in industrial kitchens could be connected to proper glove use.

Για ποιους λόγους είναι σωστό να φοράτε ποδονάρια
7 reasons you should wear shoe covers

Choosing to wear shoe covers is showing that you pay attention to all the small details.

Στεγνωτήρες χεριών ή χάρτινες χειροπετσέτες; Τι είναι προτιμότερο;
Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: An Experiment

The hygiene principle raises the issue of whether hand dryers or paper towels are better for the healthcare facility.

Κορωνοϊός: Επιστροφή σπίτι από έξω – Οι 5 «κανόνες» για ρούχα, παπούτσια
Corona virus: Hygiene rules for going out, going to work and returning at home

Hygiene rules when we go out, when we go to work and when we return at home

Σύγκριση των γαντιών που χρησιμοποιούνται στην εστίαση
How food-service gloves compare

Below you will find a comparison of the four most widely used types of food industry gloves.

4 σημαντικοί λόγοι χρήσης γαντιών κουζίνας
4 Reasons to Wear Dishwashing Gloves for Chores

While you may be hesitant (and they are surely not a fashion statement), there are four main reasons why you may want to wear gloves more often.

Εξοικονομείτε χρήματα με την αγορά φθηνών γαντιών μιας χρήσης; Η απάντηση είναι Όχι
Do Cheap Disposable Gloves Save You Money? Answer: No

Cost is always a factor in any purchasing decision. With products such as disposable gloves, there has previously been little reason to think beyond the price.