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20 Things You Can Clean With A Lint Roller Besides Your Clothes

20 Things You Can Clean With A Lint Roller Besides Your Clothes

If you have ever used glitter or any other type of craft products, you probably know how hard they are to relove from surfaces. The vacuum proves inadequate, so you need to come up with other ideas. 

For instance the lint roller and in fact there are several other things you can clean with it too. Below you will find a list of these.

1. Craft Room Sanity Saver

As mentioned above, glitter is one of the hardest things there IS to clean up in ANY room! It sticks to everything and won’t let go! Grab your lint roller and watch the glitter, confetti, etc disappear!

2. Clean Lampshades

This is probably another favorite way to use a lint roller! Lampshades are frustrating….you can’t throw them in the washing machine, you might not have the right vacuum attachment, and washing them by hand can be time-consuming. Forgo all these and use a lint roller. You will be amazed to see how much dirt and dust you collect.

3. Clean Out Your Handbag

I wish I’d thought of this one a LONG time ago! The bottom of my purse gets filled with random debris. A quick swipe (or two) of the lint roller and crumbs and crusties are history! Don’t forget to try it on your diaper bag, briefcase, backpack, or gym bag as well!

4. Clean Out Drawers
Like handbags and cars, drawers have dark, hard-to-clean crevices that can easily be neglected! Using a lint roller in drawers can help remedy the situation.

5. Quickly Clean Your Carpet or Furniture

Don’t have time to break out the vacuum or thoroughly clean the furniture? Lint rollers are a great quick fix; you can even use them on wood and glass! And since they fit underneath your couch and chairs, you don’t need to move your heavy furniture around. Just roll the lint roller underneath and pull out the dust.

6. Clean Those Hard-To-Reach Crevices Of Your Car

Every car has those hard-to-reach places where sunglasses and cell phones go missing. Every time I retrieve something from the area between my drivers seat and the center console, it always comes up covered with dust and dirt. A mini lint roller is perfect for this clearing that all out!

7. Clean Up Broken Glass

When a glass or plate hits the floor and shatters, it’s almost impossible to thoroughly clean up all the tiny glass shards left behind. You can CAREFULLY use a lint roller to pick up the remaining pieces.

8. Remove Dandruff From Clothes

Lint rollers are a great way for sufferers of dandruff or dry scalps to remove the unsightly white stuff from their clothing.

9. Control Peeling Skin From A Sunburn

I know, sounds kind of gross huh? But it won’t rip your skin off, only the dead skin that’s ready to peel off.

10. Remove Pests From Your Pet

Your dog or cat may not be eager to cooperate, but a good way to quickly get rid of small numbers of fleas and ticks on your pet is to roll a lint roller over their fur. (Make sure it’s not an extra STICKY roller!) It will also pick up any loose fur that could end up on your furniture and clothes.

11. Christmas Tree Clean-Up
Use a lint roller to pick up fallen needles from your Christmas tree.

12. Clean Your Pool Table

Too much dirt and debris on your pool table will slow the balls down, or even redirect their paths. Pet hair is one of the most difficult things to remove without damaging the felt. Too much suction from a vacuum and you will permanently damage the fibers on your pool table surface. Regular brushing combined with a lint remover will keep you at the top of your game.

13. Sewing Room’s Little Helper

Seam ripping leaves hundreds of tiny bits of thread that really cling to the fabric. Run the lint roller over the ripped seam a couple times and, presto, they’re gone.
Drop your pins? Use your lint roller to pick them up quickly. You’re less likely to stick your finger or find them with your foot.
When you don’t have time to vacuum, use your lint roller to pick up threads off your sewing table and the floor around where you sew.

14. Post Haircut Clean-up

Pick up those itchy snips and trims of hair following a haircut.The hair left after a trim/haircut always gets under the skin.

15. Dusting Drapes

A quick solution for dusty drapes that will allow you to postpone taking them to the dry cleaner for a few more months.

16. Bug Buster

Ridding your house of bugs and spiders is easier and safer with a lint roller. Simply roll it over the creepy crawlers and dispose of them stuck to the paper.

17. Cleaning Textured Ceilings

If you have a textured ceiling, you know it can get a lot of dirt and grease buildup (little fuzzies all over the ceiling). Use a paint roller with an extender, put a lint roller on each end (they fit perfectly) and the dirt and grime will roll right off!

18. Prep Your Paint Roller

To reduce lint from your paint roller and to create the smoothest finish, go over your roller brushes with a lint roller before each use.

19. Cleaning/Dusting Stuffed Animals

Lint rollers are a great way to scour tiny particles off of a stuffed animal’s fur. It safely gathers up lint and dust, which you then simply toss into the trash can.

Let’s see…….have I forgotten anything???

20. Oh yeah . . . your clothes!

You can use your lint roller like everyone else . . . to roll the lint off of your clothes. But that’s kind of boring. ;-)

Now that you know all the awesome things lint rollers can do….and since they are so inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes…..I would recommend keeping one at home, in your purse, your car, and even your desk at work!