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Cleaning help and hacks from hotel housekeepers

If there was a world record for number of rooms cleaned in a lifetime, there’s no doubt a hotel housekeeper would hold the title.

They can turn over rooms faster than most people can figure out where their vacuum attachments go and find an outlet.
Heavy duty spring cleaning may still be a few weeks away, but here are some everyday housekeeping tip from the folks who make careers out of deep cleaning on a daily basis.

1. Folding the Toilet Paper Shows You Care

Doesi t really matter how your bathroom toilet tissue looks? According to hotel cleaners, yes.  “Fold the right corner to the left side, making a left pointing triangle. Next, take the left point and fold the triangle in half toward the right side. It gives you a perfect point which allows for easy pulling action.” Folding toilet paper in your guest room is one of the cheapest and most time-effective ways to show your company you take care of even the smallest details to make them feel welcome.

2. Out of Sight is Peace of Mind

Even if they’re only staying one night, guests are advised to unpack and utilize the dressers and closets in Hotel Zeppelin’s guest rooms. “It will keep you from tossing things around and feeling like you’re living out of your luggage.”

Plus, if you keep surfaces clear, they’re much easier to clean regularly. “Get in the habit of editing your stuff...i.e. simplify,” she notes. “It’s something small you can do every day to prevent major messes in the future. The best cleaning advice I ever received was cleaning a little each day keeps the mess away.”

3. There is a Method to the Madness

Housekeepers work in a systematic fashion. They start at the door and work their way around the room in a clockwise manner. They start with the shower and tub area to let the cleaning projects soak in and do their jobs. Then all theyhave to do is come back when they’ve finished the rest of the room and wipe to be done. Cleaning in one direction makes it harder to skip something-- and it allows you to devote more energy into doing the actual task as opposed to trying to determine which task to tackle next.

4. It Really is Possible to Fold Fitted Sheets

Folding fitted sheets is all about creating pockets by placing corners in their opposite corners. A number of videos online can help simplify this process.

5. Vacuuming is Like Seeing a Shrink

The whole experience is described by professionals as soothing. It’s critical, to vacuum in both directions to pick up dirt hidden on both sides of carpet fibers. Also, who doesn’t love to see those lines in the carpet that signal you’re done. For someone who is OCD, it’s like heaven! Note, never vacuum until after you dust. You’d be surprised at the number of particles that transfer from your rag and feather duster onto the floor.

6. Streak-Free Mirrors Are Surprisingly Simple

The trick is actually to use very little cleaning product. Here, less saves you more—in time.  And while paper towels are popular and some cleaners swear by wiping glass with old print newspaper, hotel housekeepers like to use restaurant cloth napkins on glass. They’re perfectly stiff enough to get the job done. They’re also eco-friendly. Finally, it’s important to have a steady hand and work from the top down, starting in a circular motion before using vertical and then horizontal wiping action to remove any excess product.

7. Take Inventory of Your Toolkit

Cleaning professionals swear by microfiber cloths—they can clean almost any surface—and magic eraser sponges—perfect for scuff marks on walls. They also have a great wedge they put between the mattress and the box spring. This makes tucking sheets into beds a breeze. Also,white vinegar and water combination work great on floors and baking soda is very effective at removing stubborn stains.

“If you don’t understand the ingredients of your cleaning products, they’re probably not good for you or the environment.”