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Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth

When cleaning, a microfiber cloth is like a magnet to dirt and dust, clinging onto the unwanted debris and bacteria. But these special cleaning tools will also need to be cleaned! The best way to wash microfiber cloths isn’t always the most obvious, and yet knowing how to wash a microfiber cloth is simple and straightforward, and it’s sure to transform your cleaning regime.

Learning the proper way to wash microfiber towels and cloths will not only make them suitable for repeated use but will ensure their effectiveness time after time. By hand or washing machine, there’s not only one way you can wash a microfiber cloth, but there are some key steps to the process.

Washing Microfiber: A Guide

So, can you wash microfiber cloths? Yes. Can you preserve the quality of your microfiber cloth? Yes. The only ‘Nos’ you need to remember are:

NO heat

NO fabric softener

NO laundry detergent

Remember – microfiber cloths and towels work best when they are used on their own, or with water only – you shouldn’t use them with any cleaning products, which could actually stop the microfiber from working as effectively. So, when you wash these cloths, avoid using fabric conditioner or laundry detergent – all you need is water.

How to Wash Microfiber Cloths in the Washing Machine

It’s always best to wash microfiber towels on their own, but if you need to run a mixed load make sure it’s only with other non-linting synthetic materials – cotton is one material in particular that’s best kept separate from microfiber. Wash on a cool or warm setting with no detergent. Once the cycle is complete, leave to air-dry or dry on a low heat setting in a tumble dryer.

How to Wash Microfiber Cloths by Hand

Hand washing is often the most straightforward cleaning method, and with microfiber cloths all you need is water! Let the dirty microfiber cloths soak in cool or warm (not hot) water, and use your hands to help agitate the towel and release the dirt and grime. Rinse well and let air-dry.

Should You Dry Your Microfiber Towel in a Tumble Dryer or Iron It?

No – but if you choose a tumble dryer, then be sure to use it on a low setting. Air-drying your microfiber will not only make it last longer but prevent it from picking up loose particles that often get caught up in tumble dryers and high heat conditions. If you’d prefer to use your dryer, only use on a low or no heat setting and do not mix with non-microfiber materials in the drying process. Never iron your microfiber cloths – the extreme heat of the iron will make the towel much less effective as a cleaning tool.

So now you know how to wash microfiber towels and cloths, it’s time to dig out those microfibers and get cleaning!