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Tips for restaurant kitchen cleaning

Tips for restaurant kitchen cleaning

A clean kitchen is essential to every restaurant owner. It will not only make the restaurant look good to customers but it will also keep the staff in a good mood. 

Washing dishes

During washing restaurants pots, pans and dishes, it is very important to be thorough. Customers will notice even the smallest stain on plates placed in front of them, so try using an effective dishwashing liquid.

A great tip for restaurant owners to avoid dry hands for their staff while cleaning and washing, is to encourage them to use rubber gloves. That way, many staff members find that their hands are less irritable and are able to clean dishes as well as other areas with more endurance. Another important tool to have in the kitchen are good quality sponges. Don’t use cloths or low-quality sponges as they will not be as effective.

Kitchen floor cleaning tips

The first rule here is to swipe the floor thoroughly. After doing so, you will then be able to mop it. However, a great tip with floor cleaning lies in leaving the product to rest on the floor for 10 minutes, as this will allows the disinfectant to work and kill any bacteria, or remove any stains left from spills during food preparation or cooking. It is advisable to always read the instructions on your floor cleaner, as some products may require certain treatment.

Cleaning hard surfaces

Cleaning hard surfaces is similar to cleaning the floor. Again, sweep, wipe, or vacuum the area first. You may continue with a surface cleaner and repeat on the front of fridges, ovens, counters, or microwaves and other surfaces in the kitchen. For tables and surfaces that need to be disinfected, use special cleaning products that sanitize, again paying attention to the instructions.

Cleaning out the bins

Try to clean the bins as often as possible. Move them outside and fill them with water and a disinfecting product that you will leave for 10 minutes before rinsing. Alternatively, another great way of cleaning trash cans is to scrub the bin with an appropriate product and a scourer, rinse and put back in its place. Remember to let the bin dry properly before placing a bag inside to avoid mould and smells.

Hand washing

Proper hand washing is very important when it comes to a restaurant’s hygiene. Staff should be informed on the right technique of hand washing, and should be encouraged to wash their hands frequently, not only before and after food preparation, but after cleaning and leaving the kitchen for any reason. Every sink should be equipped with good quality soap, so that contamination can be avoided.

Cleaning rota (Schedule)

A cleaning schedule, is a great addition to the restaurant procedures. You can create an activity schedule with chores that need to be done weekly and by whom. This will ensure fairness and equality among staff members but also the demanding level of hygiene in the restaurant.

There are several benefits to keeping your restaurant clean, other than avoiding cross contamination. It will help you reduce kitchen related costs, while also it will keep your customer satisfaction level high and therefore lead to higher business revenue.