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Hygiene policy for food plants

Hygiene policy for food plants













For visitors, the policy should be very precise, as the main concern here is for food not to be contaminated. 

  1.  All visitors must sign in at the front desk.
  2. All visitors must gain entry into the production area via the front office.
  3. All visitors and contractors must be accompanied by a company representative while in the plant, unless otherwise authorized.
  4. Visitors are generally not given access to the boiler room, maintenance shop and rooftop, unless permitted by a supervisor/HACCP Team member.
  5. No photographs of the plant shall be taken unless authorized by management.



1.  Any person who have, or appears to have, an illness, open lesion and communicable disease/diarrhoea shall be denied entry into the plant.

2.  Any open cuts or wounds on a person must be completely covered with a bandage and a vinyl glove before allowed entry into the plant.

Personnel Practice

  • Any person entering our plant must wear a lab coat, a hair net, shoe covers, a beard net (if applicable) and gloves (if applicable) before allowed entry.   
  • Jewelry or personal decorations (e.g. rings, earring, necklaces, pins, bracelets, watches, etc.) cannot be worn in the plant and must be removed prior to entering the plant.                                                                                               
  • Any person entering the plant must remove all objects stored above the waist of that person to prevent falling into the food. 
  • No chewing gum, eating, drinking and smoking are allowed in the plant.
  • Visitors shall refrain from spitting on the floor, coughing or sneezing on products or equipment, placing fingers in or about the mouth, nose, or ears.