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Disposable hair caps and benefits

Σκουφάκια μιας χρήσης και πλεονεκτήματα που προσφέρουν

How to Prevent Cross Contamination


The last thing a consumer wants to find in their food or pharmaceutical product is human hair and for this reason hygienic work environments are critical to businesses that make or package consumer food products, pharmaceuticals, assemble electronics or treat patients.


Hospitals need to keep wounds free from infection and factories can't afford production shut downs or product recalls because of human contamination.

This is why most factories ask their employees to wear disposable bouffant hair caps for their production.


They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, but also inexpensive, simple to use and provide effective protection against product contamination.  Bouffant caps not only prevent contamination but they also keep hair away from workers' eyes, therefore increasing their efficiancy during work. 


Bouffant caps differ from hair nets. Hair nets are made of nylon or polyester mesh material and are designed to stretch over the head and mat down the hair but if you look at one closely, you will notice a webbing effect. The webbing has openings or small holes which could i allow hair to pass through whereas a bouffant cap is made from a layer of non woven fabric that has no slight openings.


Another difference between a hair net and bouffant cap is that a hair net cannot be easily distinguished when worn whereas a bouffant cap stands right out making it easier for compliance checks. Bouffant caps also present a clean look-n-feel to guests who might visit the plant for a tour.



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