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The Best Skewers for Different Kinds of Food

Καλαμάκια μπαμπού: Ποιό να επιλέξετε ανάλογα με τον τύπο φαγητού

Classic bamboo skewers

These long, compostable sticks work best with thin cuts of meat as well as vegetables that are also cut thin. The rough texture of the wood enables raw food to grasp onto the skewer, thereby preventing the food from sliding around. 

Short bamboo skewers

Since these skewers are shorter than the classic ones, they require less food, which makes them better suited for appetizer-sized bites,.

Double-pronged skewers

This type is great for anything that has a tendency to spin around, like zucchini and shrimp. These skewers are also the best option for delicate fish like salmon, which can easily split or flake. 

Metal skewers

This is the best option for cooking ground meat. The width of these skewers helps hold onto the meat while the metal itself conducts heat. With this combination, the meat cooks on the inside and also on the outside at the same time.

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